A Look Behind and a Walk Forward….


Last week we had fun starting our books with our seventh grade buddies. The characters that we made come to life are starting journeys on the pages. We started like any professional, with creating a story board. Our buddies helped us with spelling and drawing. Some of us have started to transfer those ideas into book form. Next we will be creating the cover and an About the Author page.

Getting comfy in the seventh grade room to write about our characters


Asking our new friend for some feedback

Today we had an exhibition of our explorations. Here is our class presenting what we had learned in rhythm class and our art was displayed.
 Demonstrating leading a class on how to play their instruments and when to play.

Kenri directing the class on when and how to play their instruments

 We will be having a showing of our art during our parent night in December, so everyone can enjoy the work that we have been doing.
This week we will be exploring Alphabet Prices and finding how much our name costs and trying to find the most expensive word. This can be exended at home as well. Here is the cost that we are using in class, but these can be turned into simple fractions or higher numbers depending on what our child feels challenging.

Alphabet Prices


A= $1.98                      X= $24.76

B= $2.98                      Y= $25.76

C= $3.98                      Z= $26.76

D= $4.98

E= $5.98

F= $6.32

G= $7.32

H= $8.32

I= $9.32

J= $10.32

K= $11.56

L= $12.56

M= $13.56

N= $14.56

O= $15.56

P= $16.19

Q= $17.19

R= $18.19

S= $19.19

T= $20.19

U= $21.76

V= $22.76

W= $23.76

Our venture with learning cursive letters is almost over and this extension can be practiced at home as well as continuing it in class. Monday and Friday we will be finished collecting information about the Native Americans and focusing on answering the question: What can we learn about the Native Americans that we can use in our every day lives? This should be reflected on at home to be prepared to look at the question closer after our Fall Break.
Many parents have been sharing what they have been doing at home with their children and that they absolutely love.  I would like to share these extensions with you as well.
Here is a math extension that you can do at home with your child. Our sixth graders are doing this in class to go further with their knowledge of math skills: http://www.khanacademy.org/
One parent has even started her own website about nutrious eatting and an article about allergies that can be shared with others:

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I grew up in the sleepy, beach town of Ventura. Dancing and drawing my way through life, I began thinking of pursuing a career in teaching. This is my first year teaching third grade at Innovations Academy and can't wait for all of the exciting learning and creating we will be doing.

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